Infant and Toddler Sleep Workshops

Moroz Child Psychology Group is thrilled to announce our exciting new sleep workshops starting this April, and continuing on a monthly basis.

We all know what a precious commodity sleep is, and how parents of infants and toddlers are often burning the candle at both ends.

It’s never too early to start your child on the path to healthy sleep habits, while rediscovering the luxury of a good night’s sleep for yourself. Dr. Martina Kanciruk will teach you how to foster positive sleep habits that will last a lifetime.


The workshops will be held once a week, for four weeks, and will be grouped based on your child’s age: 0-6 months, and 6-12 months. Parents are strongly encouraged to bring their child along to these sessions.

The workshops are structured in a group format to be strengthened by taking a highly interactive approach. Parents will be encouraged to role play the strategies taught together, allowing participants to receive feedback and support from one another during the workshop.

Further, the group approach will encourage parents to develop their own peer-support network with others in the class – as many of us can appreciate, dealing with your child’s sleep problems can be quite isolating.

Ultimately, Parents will leave these sessions with practical and concrete strategies to implement with their children at home. You will become the expert on your child’s sleep.


Workshops will begin by introducing you to the basics of sleep, including sleeping arrangements, appropriate bed and nap times, and infant and child sleep patterns. From there, we will address many of the common sleep challenges that parents encounter, including the reliance on sleep props such as nursing or rocking infants to sleep.

Parents will be shown and guided through effective bedtime routines that teach children how to self-soothe, fall and stay asleep. An individual sleep plan, taking into account individual parenting styles, will be created for each family. All participants will be supported through weekly email support with Dr. Kanciruk.

Dr. Kanciruk’s methodology is developed through a combination of leading sleep practices and first-hand experience with her own daughter, who from the age of three months has been taught to sleep 12 hours per night, and will include video demonstrations of the techniques taught.


The sessions will be $225/1.5 hours, for a total of $900 for the duration of the four-week workshop. This cost can often be covered in full or part under the coverage of your family’s extended healthcare plan.

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact Moroz Child Psychology group at 403-541-1199 for workshop schedule and registration.

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