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Our Team

You cannot teach a psychologist how to connect with your child. As soon as you walk in the door to our office, you will instantly feel welcomed, accepted, and understood. Not only is our expertise in child psychology unsurpassed, our team members are inherently warm, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in building a relationship with your child. We naturally go above and beyond to ensure that your child leaves our office feeling rewarded, excited, and counting down the days until their next visit.

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Our Philosophy

As a parent, you may have already read books upon books relating to your child’s needs. At our practice, we concretely demonstrate research proven strategies that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your family. We consolidate the literature and present practical techniques in a way that empowers parents, and resonates with children and teens. We combine assessment, diagnosis, and research-based treatment in our practice. Our collaborative efforts with families, school personnel, physicians, and allied professionals ensures consistency across multiple domains, and ultimately facilitates optimal progress and growth. In our experience, when a better understanding of your child is promoted, the strategies are more likely to be successfully executed.

Our Philosophy