Social Skills Groups

It is difficult to watch your child suffer anxiety in social situations, feel unsuccessful in their friendships, be targeted by bullies, and experience confusion around how to navigate through social situations appropriately. Several children require direct teaching of deeper social skills to experience the success they deserve.

The underlying philosophy of the approach at Moroz Child Psychology is to teach children intellectually what comes intuitively to their peers in the social sense. What differentiates us from other social skills training programs is that our groups are compromised of only four to six children of similar age, personality, and areas in need of support. Rather than grouping children with similar issues simply to “get together,” we directly teach the fundamental skills related to communication, social interaction, and relationship development. We break down social skills into discrete units to enhance perspective taking (e.g., understanding the content of the thought bubbles of others), conversation skills (e.g., conversation starters and enders, how to know when you are talking too much or too little, summarizing key points, and limiting tangents), better reading your audience (e.g., recognizing if others are tuned-in or disinterested), more effectively understanding and executing body language and tone of voice, and to help better understand the “whys” behind various social nuances. Sessions will incorporate technology such as video cameras connected to televisions, field trips, and three dimensional sets and figures (e.g., puppet theatres, mirrors, and mock sets). The final phase of each session involves role-play to practically execute learned skills.

In addition, we will be including stress management tools and techniques (e.g., relaxation training, self-monitoring of anger, frustration, and fear), coping with hypersensitivities, and effectively managing disagreements (e.g., reaching compromise, speaking assertively, and dealing with bullying). The group will be presented in a fun, positive, accepting, energetic, and enthusiastic environment. Sessions will occur on a set day once a month from late September through June at 3:15 pm to 4:45 pm. Rates are $240 per session, and can be covered through your independent insurance plan. Please contact us for more information or to be considered for this opportunity.

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